How to Propose: A Grooms Guide…pssst Ladies, pass it on….

That time has finally come in your life and you start to sweat…..

No sweat! …here is a guide to get you there:

Part One

Think about her…. remember: This moment will be a zillion times more important to her than it could ever be for you—stuff of legions…. and will be retold by her and her sister again and again—so really consider what SHE would like….and waiting until half-time of the big game is probably not the direction….think ‘romance’….Drew Brees is cute but! I think you get the point.  If you think about it, I’m sure she’s probably dropped a hint or two  and will appreciate any effort you make to personalize the proposal in a way that says, “Yes, I ‘hear’ you …and totally ‘get’ you”.

'Oh they say when you marry in June..."

Timing is everything…….Just as important as how you pop the question can be when you do it. If your fiancée has always had her heart set on marrying in June, you’ll want to ask her about 16-18 months in advance. A proposal on Valentine’s Day, while an ultra-romantic day of the year, only leaves you a few months to plan the wedding—not much time…unless you wait til the following May, which gives you 16 months.

Public or private proposal?…..Asking her to marry you at a family gathering or special event can be thrilling. Just make sure the family gathering isn’t your nephew’s 2nd birthday party, or the special event isn’t a new episode of “The Kardashians.” But unless you are absolutely sure she will be over joyed and say yes, think twice about this option. It’s for guys who know the answer is yes before they ask.

Please marry me.....

Make it a memory……Hiring a videographer to secretly catch the proposal on film is an increasingly popular route guys are going these days as long as she doesn’t think she’s being stalked! Get creative, why not call in a favor from a groomsman-to-be to film the big moment, you know, your friend who wants to be the next Scorsese. I don’t know why, but Blair Witch Project just came to mind?!  OK, make it creative & fun, not creepy!

Don’t be afraid to keep it simple….Some guys form elaborate plans involving props like white horses, strolling violinists, billboards, and some are even secretly hoping it gets a million hits on you-tube. Big proposals are impressive, but heartfelt declarations of  love will win her over every time, even if they take place spontaneously and without fanfare. Just remember, the more elaborate the plan, the greater opportunity for it to backfire. Bottom-line, keep it simple and classy! AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE, GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEE!!!

Mr. Big proposes

I’ll leave it at this for now….

Stay tuned for Part Two 😉

A girls best friend....


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