Stunning “Behind the Scenes” at Valentino Spring 2013 Couture Show

The gorgeous images by Kevin Tachman for Vogue….. reposted from dustjacket

1 couture-spring-2013-round-up-valentino-07_114821937010 2 couture-spring-2013-round-up-valentino-09_114823217502 kevin tachman por vogue 3 couture-spring-2013-round-up-valentino-05_114820789040 4 couture-spring-2013-round-up-valentino-11_114824961915 5 couture-spring-2013-round-up-valentino-02_114817738304 6 couture-spring-2013-round-up-valentino-01_114816732983 7 couture-spring-2013-round-up-valentino-06_11482098985 Valentino+Spring+2013+Backstage+jQU4vNNIzHAx Valentino+Spring+2013+Backstage+VKERxqBDAc-x valentino-bksg15 wwd


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