And the Oscar goes to….Byzantium meets Principessa

I’m in LOVE with the accessories of Dolce & Gabbana’s F2013 Collection!!!….what can I say, they are ALL winners!

all photos (c) Alessandro Viero

dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-123_145908891525 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-009_145736677057 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-017_145742634949 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-022_14574656400 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-024_145748834090 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-025_145749961793 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-033_145755185471 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-045_145805701005 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-051_145810867753 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-059_145816847723 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-061_145817623054 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-068_145823215289 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-085_145837334175 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-086_145838102633 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-091_14584227378 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-094_145844656241 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-096_145846801676 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-099_14584816965 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-101_145850122601 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-107_145855742228 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-116_145902936696 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-117_145902326176 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-119_145904123324 (c) Alessandro Viero dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-121_145906474352


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