April Snow Showers Of Love…a Sedona Wedding

I waited and waited to post these amazing photos by Sedona Bride Photographers knowing all too well that  one more snow fall would find Sedona in April…. and it did today! I absolutely LOVE the white against the red rocks of the lovely Poco Diablo Resort.

Beautiful hair & make up by Patricia Vega and the gorgeous colorful floral by Bliss Extraordinary Floral

April snow showers bring us flowers and love… xoL

sedona-bride04poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride06poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride07poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride09poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride08poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride22poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride23poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride24poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride18poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride17poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride11poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride21poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride20poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride19poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride16poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow-a sedona-bride16poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride15poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride14poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride13poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride12poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride10poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow sedona-bride25poco-diablo-wedding-in-the-snow


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