This is my confession…

This one’s from the heart, so well expressed! A must read if you’re a bride or wedding vendor….thanks for posting Alea Lovely ! 

Alea Lovely

I have a horrible confession to make. I’m really fed up with the wedding industry. Not my brides , not the families, not the wonderful vendors I work with every weekend… I love those parts. They give me purpose and fulfillment, and remind me damn near every weekend what love is. Some weekends it’s my 9-5 job and some weekends I ball my eyes out like a freaking baby.

That isn’t the part I’m fed up with. That part that bothers me is the roaring disregard for the actual wedding and instead the importance on the “details” or “stuff” of a wedding.Lately I’ve been going through somewhat of a transformation. I’ve been peeling back the layers of the old and renewing myself as a photographer , as an artist. Something I think that happens to most of us every few years, and I found myself just rolling my eyes at…

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