a sedona winter wonderland wedding

a surprise and rare snow fell on Sedona which made for a very magical wedding day for Mark + Kerry…. thank you David Sunfellow for capturing the magic

02.21.13-kerry-mark-020 02.21.13-kerry-mark-023 02.21.13-kerry-mark-026 02.21.13-kerry-mark-032 02.21.13-kerry-mark-037 02.21.13-kerry-mark-042 02.21.13-kerry-mark-060 02.21.13-kerry-mark-062 02.21.13-kerry-mark-063 02.21.13-kerry-mark-071 02.21.13-kerry-mark-072 02.21.13-kerry-mark-075 02.21.13-kerry-mark-113 02.21.13-kerry-mark-120 02.21.13-kerry-mark-127 02.21.13-kerry-mark-131 02.21.13-kerry-mark-143 02.21.13-kerry-mark-147 02.21.13-kerry-mark-168 02.21.13-kerry-mark-184 02.21.13-kerry-mark-183 02.21.13-kerry-mark-181 02.21.13-kerry-mark-188 02.21.13-kerry-mark-216


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