Outdoor Sedona Wedding :: Vultee Arch

reblogged from Andrew Holman Photography

We just needed to reblog this beautiful wedding event! Demetria chose #radiantorchid as her color scheme. From the flowers to the parasol’s…we LOVE this wedding! Thank you to all the amazing vendors who helped make this a beautiful day to remember.

Getting Ready: Sedona Rouge
Ceremony: Vultee Arch
Officiant: Rev. Andrew Murphy
Event Planner: Laura Marolakos
Reception&Catering: Heartline Cafe
Cake: Sedona Wedding Cakes
Floral: Events by Showstoppers
Hair & Makeup: Sedona Beauty Team

Demetria-Gabriel_01 Demetria-Gabriel_02 Demetria-Gabriel_03 Demetria-Gabriel_14 Demetria-Gabriel_06 Demetria-Gabriel_07 Demetria-Gabriel_09 Demetria-Gabriel_08 Demetria-Gabriel_13 Demetria-Gabriel_10 Demetria-Gabriel_11 Demetria-Gabriel_05 Demetria-Gabriel_16 Demetria-Gabriel_15 Demetria-Gabriel_17 Demetria-Gabriel_18 Demetria-Gabriel_19 Demetria-Gabriel_20 Demetria-Gabriel_21 Demetria-Gabriel_27 Demetria-Gabriel_25 Demetria-Gabriel_26 Demetria-Gabriel_23 Demetria-Gabriel_31 Demetria-Gabriel_22 Demetria-Gabriel_24 Demetria-Gabriel_34 Demetria-Gabriel_32 Demetria-Gabriel_35 Demetria-Gabriel_36 Demetria-Gabriel_29 Demetria-Gabriel_30 Demetria-Gabriel_33 Demetria-Gabriel_28 Demetria-Gabriel_37 Demetria-Gabriel_38 Demetria-Gabriel_39 Demetria-Gabriel_41 Demetria-Gabriel_40



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