Red Rock Sedona Elopement

Our beautiful Sedona Bride & Groom, Katja + Eddie, traveled all the way from Portugal to marry in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona Arizona at Bell Rock. Originally, both from Germany, Eddie was very happy to get into the spirit of the southwest cowboy! The laughter, tears and the wind which created amazing moments with Katja’s veil! were very, very lovely moments spent with this very beautiful couple. We wish you many more years of love, happiness and laughter together, with a bit less wind! L+A

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3 Responses to Red Rock Sedona Elopement

  1. Katja Münz says:

    What a blessing that we could come back to beautiful Sedona/Oak Creek Village
    for our wedding (12-05-14) at amazing Bell Rock,
    surrounded by magical nature and wonderful people
    (thanks to our Reverent Andrew and our witnesses Laura and Don – our filmmaker :).
    We were so pleased to have you all around us!
    We are very grateful that we have found Heart of Sedona Weddings.
    Thank you Laura for creating this nice blog comment for us, great surprise.
    Thank you Andrew for your patience and support. You made things easy for us and made us feel comfortable from the beginning till the end. You helped us to create an unforgettable moment. The ceremony was a delight, a very personalized magical moment and everything we could have dreamed of. The pictures taken by you and Laura were so beautiful and plenty to choose from :)! Some of them are absolutely stunning, with the help of the wind.
    We had a lot of joy and laughter on this unforgettable afternoon at Bell Rock,
    full of love and happiness!
    Ed and Katja

    • The pleasure was all ours Katja + Ed! Please say hello again if you ever return to Sedona. Blessings always! L+A

      • Katja S says:

        Thank you. If we ever can make it again to Sedona [I hope so! :)], we would love to meet with you both! Best wishes from Portugal, E+K

        2014-07-01 22:50 GMT+01:00 Heart of Sedona Wedding Blog :

        > Heart of Sedona Weddings commented: “The pleasure was all ours Katja + > Ed! Please say hello again if you ever return to Sedona. Blessings always! > L+A”

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